Thankful Thursday

Is it Baby or Birthing Season?

Today, I am so thankful to have close friends who are giving birth around the same time as me. My church is having an outpouring of babies and there couldn’t have been any better timing. The nursery is going to be flooded with babies close in age. One was born about two months ago,


(Aaron Joseph) and another was born yesterday (Isaac Charles).76541D9E-C0D8-481D-8321-6855D90CC5DEIn about two more weeks, another one will be born, then it’s me : )

There are also others down the line towards the ending of Summer/Early Fall season but, for now, this is the rush hour we’re experiencing.

Why am I bringing this up? New generations are being born, meaning it’s a birthing season. In the physical, it’s exciting to see this bundle of joy that has been inside you for nine months and, for some people, those nine months could be very rough, especially the pushing process. In the spiritual, it’s an outpouring of blessings from above. God is allowing us to push out our own blessings because the time has come. Now is the time. Be thankful for this moment, this season of new birth. Spiritually speaking also, this birthing season could be a birth of financial growth for you. It can also be promotion, healing, you name it. Whatever it is, claim it and be thankful that this is the year your blessings will not pass you by.

I’m here to encourage you to continue to be in expectancy. God is not finished with you. He’s just getting started. I love the statement that “your latter will be greater than the former.” God’s plan is not to take you back but to propel you forward if you stay in His Will. Stay blessed and be inspired.


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