Thankful Thursday

Promise is one month already??? Where did time go? I’m loving every bit of it and I’m blessed to be able to share special moments like this one below.

At one month old, Promise sleeps very well at night time. She wakes up once for a feed and falls right back to sleep. She’s very calm and peaceful. Her big sister however, was quite the opposite when she was one month old. I barely got any sleep between hubby and I but we sure survived those days 🙂

One thing I would say is that, when Promise is hungry, she’s ready to eat and that means you better be ready with her food :). Hmmm I wonder where she gets that from. Her big sister loves giving her kisses and little Missy loves it too. She enjoys bath time to the point she falls asleep while bathing or when I’m giving her a massage (oh what you do for these little ones you adore).


Don’t want to bore you with stories about Promise, but I am very thankful to have moments like this with her. She lights up our world especially in days when things seem to be stressful. Just look into her big brown eyes and you will be alright.
Thanks for tuning in and I’ll catch you in my next one. Remember, no matter what you may be going through, there’s always a reason to give thanks!

Cheers xx
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