Thankful Thursday


Today’s blog goes out to Siara Snyder aka My Little Sis. This young lady is very knowledgeable and I’m very proud of who she’s becoming. Recently, she spent almost an entire week with me and she was a great help! Siara is also now volunteering at our church summer camp for the entire summer but, before starting, she took it upon herself to spend time with her little sister, Kizzy before getting busy.

Just in case you didn’t know, this young girl was in my wedding and she was my announcer. She was the cutest little girl then and, now, she’s growing too fast! She has a heart to love and share her knowledge. In terms of correction, she receives it well and doesn’t give room for negativity. She has a special place in our heart and she knows it.

The day she got home from her little vacation with me, she got a call that her grandma was at the hospital. She is such a strong girl because she composed herself when the family received the news. Now, let’s fast forward to today. Her grandma is recovering very quickly and God is in control of that situation. This little sis of mine continues to work very hard by staying busy and keeping her mind focused. Thanks again Siara for being you!  We love you!

Thanks again for tuning in and please show Siara some love by sending her encouraging words that will strengthen her as she continues to do what God has called her to do.


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