Thankful Thursday

It’s Been An Amazing Week 


What an awesome, wonderful week I’ve had with so many kids getting their lives changed. This past weekend, we also watched a veteran who has never owned a home receive his first home. It was such a blessing and an honor to be able to host another year and see lives changed, especially in this generation. We hosted four girls this year and they always leave a note for their host homes. Here’s a picture of one of the notes that touched my heart. 



Anyway, the whole event was very successful because it was a teamwork and everyone worked hard in different areas.

After the successful week, hubby and I took the kids for the first time to New York to visit some friends.  We spent quality time together on the ride, which was about three hours to get there. We caught up with our friend Melissa who was also at the youth conference my church had this past week. I guess we didn’t get enough of her time so we decided to go spend some time with her. We are forever thankful for Melissa and all she did for us with making our trip a memorable one. 


We then caught up with a great friend of mine whom I’ve known since college and I was also in her wedding. Now, we both are happily married with kids. It was just lovely to catch up and the kids enjoyed each other’s company. We ate great food and had great company and beautiful sceneries. These are moments I cherish and won’t forget. Hence to why I take so many pictures and document them for our kids so that, when they get older, they can always look back to see what daddy and mommy were up to while they were little. 





Most of the trip was vlogged and will be coming out on my YouTube channel this Saturday so be on the lookout. Meanwhile, enjoy the rest of the pictures. 

Thanks for reading and I will catch you in my next one.


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