Thankful Thursday

Mommy’s Day Out


Do you have a friend who’s just spontaneous, flexible, and adventurous? That type of friend that hen you say “let’s try doing something new,” they jump on it without hesitation. Well, this day we made it happen. We took our wonderful kids to explore Harbor East here in Baltimore, Maryland.  First of all, can we just soak in this beautiful view? Isn’t it gorgeous? That’s exactly how I felt on this day. Beautiful perfect weather with great company. You can’t beat that!


Perfect is an understatement on how this day was. We got a great spot to park our cars and it was ten dollars for the whole day (wow! That’s rare to find downtown). We went to some department stores to look around because we both love the vibe in the city. We then walked to Whole Foods and grabbed lunch because we planned to have a picnic looking right outside the water. Everyone loved our babies. Seeing two women in a store with their kids (two in strollers and the other two being carried in a baby carrier) must be very fascinating. People kept staring at us with huge smiles on their faces and our two toddlers almost caused traffic in one of the stores we went to. It was very lovely to see and we had a nice time picking our lunch together then headed to have a picnic. 


Overall, you can’t help it but have a huge smile on your face. The kids loved it, they ate good, beautiful scenery, and having the two moms there to them was icing on the cake. I am very thankful for moments like this with our daughters. It’s humbling and joyful to have great friends who are on the journey you’re taking and always pushing you to be better. I encourage moms out there to find other moms who you can stroll in the park with and build great relationships.


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