Thankful Thursday

Happy three months baby girl! Wow, could you believe it’s been three months already? Time does fly by really quickly but I am so grateful for every step of the way. Promise is such a pure joy even though she doesn’t smile a lot, we are camera ready for when we get that smile. Today, not only did she give me a smile, she gave me a big smile and that made my day. 


At three months, she is eating very well. She sleeps through the night and every now and then she would wake up for a feed but rarely. She’s growing bigger and becoming more aware everyday. She loves to be around people especially her big sister, Kizzy. She loves getting kisses from her as well. She is starting to gaze into my eyes and mumble somethings that I don’t understand and I mumble right back at her 🙂 She is such a strong girl and she’s already standing strong when you hold her hands. Her head is holding up very nicely and she enjoys taking baths. Sometimes she sleeps while in the baby bathtub. 


Overall, Promise is a very calm baby who doesn’t stress anybody out. Once you change her diaper and feed her, she will enjoy sleeping peacefully. Join me in showing her some love because I am forever thankful to have my Promise.

Thanks for joining me and I hope to catch you guys in my next one. 



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