Thankful Thursday

It’s never a dull moment when these two meet up! We did a spontaneous meeting at the library. We thought the kids were going to grab a book, sit quietly and enjoy the time as we read to them but NOOOOO! That plan got tossed straight out the window. They got there, immediately started playing with the toys and pretended to have a puppet show.





And, as if that wasn’t enough, they wanted to play with the blocks and then go to potty.



Both of them are potty trained and all we can say is “Hallelujah, it’s such a relief.” Every now and then my toddler does have accidents but, for the most part, she’s got the hang of it. I’ll save that for a later blog because it was a lot potty training her but hard work pays off. Anyway, the girls felt they’ve had a long day so they decided to take a break and put food in their stomachs lol. Don’t worry the other two little ones weren’t just watching them. They ate too and life was good.


Afterwards, they both picked out couple of books to read


and then it was time to go home. They held each other’s hands and walked out the library. How cute is that picture?




You could see the smiles on people’s faces as the walked out going to the parking lot. Lydia is so sweet giving Kizzy kisses and Kizzy knows how to act like she doesn’t want it but, once we get in the car, she’s crying and asking about Lydia! She’ll make a great actress!



Five minutes after we drove off, Kizzy took a good three hour nap and it was beautiful. I will be forever grateful to have friends who have kids that are Kizzy’s age group.

I hope you had a lovely day as well and remember there’s always something to be thankful for!



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