Thankful Thursday

Flirty white dress in Sherwood Garden


Good morning Loves! Hope you are having a wonderful day. Well, today’s blog is about my visit to a beautiful garden called Sherwood Herb Garden. It is so serene and picturesque. My sister and I made an impromptu turn into this garden One Sunday after church and we were both blown away by the atmosphere. As always, we both came up with tons of ideas and spots to take pictures lol. I couldn’t enjoy this garden to myself so I dragged hubby along with me and we took some shots. I love the pictures he took! 

It was quite a beautiful day so I wore this striped white dress that I got from a local boutique to the garden. I love this outfit because of how simple but elegant it looks. It’s a long sleeve with ruffles attached to it. I paired it with this vintage white purse. You can dress it up with heels or down with tennis shoes. Whichever way suits your style, just be confident wearing it. Hubby loves how it looks on me because he said it’s flirty! As we walked around, we found this old school bell in the middle of the garden and we thought it was cool to take a picture with. 





I’m very thankful for my dress and the fact that I didn’t have to break an arm and leg to rock it. Comment below and tell me if you’re one of those that sees an outfit that you like and you immediately look for places to wear it to and take a picture! LOL!

Have a wonderful Thursday and remember that there’s always something to be thankful for.



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