Poppin In Fall

Howdy lovelies, it’s been a great week at the Ikotuns house considering we’ve both been so wrapped up in preparation of our eternity play coming up in two weeks. We are extremely busy during this period but it’s worth every minute of it. Recently I got an opportunity to style one of my good friends and she really loved the styles that I picked out. I wrote about the first set of styles last Thursday so, if you missed it, make sure you check it out here. This will be the second set of styles so be on the lookout for the third sets lol


So with this style, I paired this beautiful off shoulder white dress with a choker and a bold gold stud earrings. As we’ve just entered into Fall season, I wanted a little bit of pop color so I went with mint green shoes. This was a gorgeous pick and I was happy with the turn out. She herself couldn’t even believe it and she was ecstatic about this style. As you can see from the picture, she just can’t help herself with her strutting!



For more pictures, visit my fashion website at http://www.adakustyle.com

What are you looking forward to as we enter this fall season? Share your comments below. Anyway, thank you for coming along and I hope you enjoyed reading. 


Adaku Inspires 

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