About Me

Hello Lovelies!

I am Adaku and I reside in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. I ‘m happily married to the most amazing, supportive, and loving husband. We are also blessed to have a beautiful daughter. I enjoy inspiring and giving motivational speeches because it’s a part of the passion that God has given me. Additionally, when it comes to fashion, I am very creative with styles and I try to recreate fashion styles that are trending. Fashion is what you make out of combining unique outfits paired with good accessories to give you that elegant appearance. At the end of the day, be confident in whatever outfit that works for you.

Here in Adaku Inspires, you will find weekly inspiration, outfit posts, and my lifestyle routine.  I’m really interested and focused on inspiring women into knowing that they have a great destiny and purpose to accomplish in their life.  No person defines who you are!! I want to help women discover their true beauty and give them a BOOST in CONFIDENCE to let them know that THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!

If you need help with personal styling, personal shopping, and wardrobe maintenance for either special occasions or normal routines, I would love to help you achieve that goal. No matter your budget or lifestyle we can work together to meet your individual needs by contacting me here.

I am so grateful for the love and support of my husband, family and wonderful friends and, if not for them, this wouldn’t have been possible. Please follow my page and get new updates

Thank you so much for reading