Thankful Thursday


A trip to Riley Rose store was an exciting one for me. Although this was my first time visiting, it was worth it. Trust me I held back buying every makeup or beauty products they have because I’m learning to buy what I need, not what I want. Let me enlighten you about why I really like this store. It feels like a candy store with lots of pink and gold which is one of my favorite combinations when it comes to colors. Just think about an old-fashioned soda-pop shop.

It’s geared to the millennials for sure because, once you walk in, you would definitely stop whatever you’re doing to soak the moment in. It’s all about the essentials you need for beauty and lifestyle.

I’ll leave you with this side note: this year make it a priority to smell the roses every now and then. You already work hard so take a moment and grab a latte with a friend who brings out that joy inside you. Anyway, enjoy the pictures below and how we took advantage of this opportunity 🙂

God bless and I’ll catch you in my next post xx


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