Thankful Thursday

At 9:30pm I was on my way upstairs to putting Kizzy in bed until I heard the door bell ring. Quickly, I went back downstairs and was in dismay as to who will be pressing the bell at this time of the night. Lo and behold, it was no other than Timothee and Esther!!! What a surprise right!? I screamed at the top of my lungs because it was an unexpected visit and I was so excited to see them both. Hubby walked in after a long day at work and was quite surprised as well. As a result, Kizzy just stayed up and didn’t want to go back to sleep. I mean think about it, who wants to go to sleep when the house is filled with family members coming from out of country and out of state?


For some who don’t know, my beautiful sister Esther is Peter’s twin. She was sent to live in Misawa, Japan through her job.
She’s been there for a year and half and has another year and half to be in Misawa.

Timothee is also my brother who is in the United States Army. He lives in Colorado and we barely have time to see each other, but we talk very often. I can’t spill all the details but he has something great and exciting coming very soon and our families are very proud of him. Tim is here for a short visit but Esther is here until Kizzy’s one year party. Yes, we are having a party for Kizzy and I am excited to have all my family from both sides show up. I can’t contain my happiness because we support each other, no matter how the distance may look. Esther flying all the way from Japan to USA means the world to Peter and I, and more especially her niece, Kizzy.



Esther and Timothee, I want you to know that Peter, myself and Kizzy are thankful to have you both around and we truly love and appreciate your support. It will definitely be a memorable party and I just can’t wait to dig in with planning everything. Woohoo!! Who’s ready to have some fun? #adakuinspires

Thankful Thursday


Happy Thursday Lovelies!!

In today’s blog, I am channeling my fashion style with an all black outfit. I recently did a photo shoot in DC, specifically in Georgetown, and it was amazing. God literally has been ordaining my footsteps lately in the direction of connecting with different people all through this world we live in. I connected with Richard and Tiara some weeks ago and we hit it off right away. It felt like we have known each other for some time. It was certainly a divine connection and I’m excited to see what the future holds working with these two amazing people. They can be reached on Instagram as:

Tiara – @sheistiaraj ; Richard – @reichr0

In this photo shoot, I wore all black because Tiara has an upcoming event and I was just there to show some support. I had a lace top, leather skirt, and sandals. Lace tops are in vogue, and the best thing about a black skirt is its versatility. I paired the outfit with a bold red lipstick to pop the entire presentation. If you don’t know this already about me, I am very creative with styles and I try to recreate trending fashion styles. One thing I know is that I enjoy experimenting with different types of fashion just like in the pictures below. I wanted to share this side of me with you because “Adaku Inspires” is all rounded in Godly inspirations, fashion, food, travels, beauty, and just living life in total happiness. I hope you enjoy this part of my journey and I’ll catch you in my next blog. Cheers!










Thankful Thursday

Recently, I took a trip to this beautiful place shown in the picture below.


Look how gorgeous it looks right? Yup! That’s what I said when I walked in and just soaked in the moment. In the process of being here, I was appreciating how thankful I am to even step my foot in this place. Being surrounded with a lot of successful minded spirits, I told myself that I will forever stay humble. My prayer everyday is that I will stay humble even as God is elevating me in my career. It’s ok to dream big and aspire for greatness but don’t forget in the midst of it all that there’s a God who deserves all the glory. Never put yourself in front of Him but rather, let Him continue to elevate you. Steve Jobs said, “Stay Hungry Stay Foolish,” meaning stay passionate and dream big but never act like you know it all and stay willing to learn.

I don’t plan to stop thriving and I don’t plan to settle. I am a dreamer and it’s humbling to see some of my dreams come to pass. I encourage you to keep dreaming big and thrive for success because God’s Word says in Jeremiah 29:11  “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” I hope this blesses you as you go through this week.

Stay blessed and be inspired


Who’s Driving?

IMG_1121.JPGLooking at this picture, you probably see the makeup, the dress, or the hat and so on. Well that’s all nice but I’m looking at this picture with a different perspective. As I was walking along the street, I felt like I got it all together and, before I could move my eyes, I almost fell and so, in panic, I quickly held onto the rail.

Funny story right? This is how most of us are with our walk with God. We come to God and we ask for Him to help us get through a situation and He does it. All of a sudden, we forget so easily what He did and we feel like we can go on with our lives without His help. I am here to encourage you to allow God to take over your situation. Sometimes when you’re going through this journey with God, you feel like you got it all figured out but be careful lest you fall. Allow God to be the driver. Step out of the way and let Him lead you to your destiny. You have done it your way and it’s not working so I encourage you to turn around and let God change you completely.

I have said it so many times how God is taking me through an amazing journey. I have also learned that, in the midst of my journey or circumstances, I am allowing God to lead me. So I ask you the question today, who’s driving in your life? I am choosing to let go and Let God Be God. I humble and lower myself so that I can lift His name up high. Stay encouraged and be Inspired.


Thankful Thursday

Courageous World Catalysts – Can I begin by saying how grateful I am to God for making the book I co authored as the #1 bestseller in the United States as well as internationally in Canada and Australia.




This book has reached so many lives living in different countries and I am beyond thankful. Courageous World Catalysts is comprised of 36 inspirational stories by change-makers on their missions for global impact. These amazing authors have poured out their heart and soul into this book and it’s a must read. I am excited to read the rest of the stories by my fellow authors. I already started and I am touched by how vulnerable they’ve opened up to help inspire and motivate you. If I were you, I would definitely go to Amazon and grab a copy.

The morning of the launch day was so overwhelming yet exciting at the same time. My girlfriend, Kristin bought me my favorite milkshake to start my celebration before she headed to work.


Look how natural I look and that’s because nobody was concerned about makeup or getting all dolled up. I was more concerned about promoting the book to all of my social media platforms. Kristin, if you’re reading this, I want you to know that I love you and I am forever grateful to have you as my friend. A couple of my friends as well took me to a dinner and a movie which I don’t have pictures of, but I want them to know how much they all mean to me as we travel together in this journey. A lot of people have shown their support by responding to my calls, emails and texts and were there for me from day one and I am forever grateful.

My prayer is that this book will continue to travel all around the world changing lives that need encouragement. I pray also as you open to read not just my story but the story of others that touched you, that God will open your eyes to see beyond your dreams. You are worth living a good, healthy, and abundant life. Stop limiting yourself; get up, and chase your dreams and watch where God takes you. Thank you once again and continue to stay beautiful and be inspired.


Adaku Inspires
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Thankful Thursday


Almost three years ago, this beautiful girl was my announcer. Everyone loved her and she put a smile on their faces as she ran down the aisle with a bell saying “the bride is coming, the bride is coming.” I mean who wouldn’t laugh at that…she is so cute! Anyway, this lovely girl’s name is Siara and she embraced us with her presence for some days this week. We had so much fun running errands together and talking with each other. She made me watch Disney channel with her, which I never do, but we had fun doing it. We also had fun going to the pool where she made new friends from the neighborhood.
She loves our daughter so much that I can’t explain. As a young lady, she has a huge heart of giving. Sometimes when she goes to the store, she comes out with one thing for our daughter. Things like a teddy bear, a cute dress, or even her own childhood accessories like the pictures below. Do you see how beautiful these items are?


The Bible says to “train up a child in the way that they should go…” and Siara’s parents are really doing a great job. Today’s Thankful Thursday goes to this beautiful young lady who’s a great blessing to us and is also marked for greatness to accomplish amazing things. What are you doing to make a mark in the life of the next generation? Feel free to comment below