Thankful Thursday

I want to declare a Happy Thursday to you and thank you so much for your continual support of Adaku Inspires.

Today, I will be acknowledging a dear friend of mine, Kristin Burnworth. I seriously have no idea where to begin with this powerhouse but I’ll get it together. First and foremost, she’s a lawyer by profession, happily married to an amazing man and they both have two beautiful kids that I adore so much.


This woman just amazes me because she gave birth just last month and she’s up and running. She facilitates the drama ministry at our church and she does an awesome job writing the script with her team. If you are in the DMV area, come check out our Resurrection Production at Rock City Church on April 1st and you will be blown away. She already has the actors auditioned and ready for practice. Scripts are done and practices are underway. This coming week she’s teaching the Bible school class of 2018 and I know how hard she prepped for this moment. Did I mention earlier that her son is ONLY a month old? WOW!!!


I am so proud to call this woman my friend and she’s one of the few friends I have that would sacrifice her time for me when needed. She doesn’t get recognized enough for all she does but, knowing her, she doesn’t want to be put in the spotlight hence why I’m recognizing her hard work today. Kristin if I haven’t said this to you lately, here it goes: “Thank you for all you do and for inspiring women like me to keep going strong. You are a true gem.”


Please help me in making Kristin feel loved today. Until then, I’ll catch you in my next one. Think about someone you’re thankful for today and take some time either to call, text, email, FaceTime, What’s App, or Google Chat (you know what I mean) and let them know you appreciate them. It can really be something they needed to hear to encourage them. Be blessed and kind to one another and have a GREAT day!

Adaku Inspires

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