Thankful Thursday

I recently visited Notre Dame of Maryland University where, for some of you that don’t know, I graduated from. I had a lunch date with one of my professors who happened to be my mentor. We had a lot to catch up on and talked about potential future opportunities for me at the school which I’m very excited about. Larry was my Finance teacher and has now become not just my mentor but a family friend. He has attended important events that has happened in my life since after college including attending my wedding. Our families love each other and it’s a blessing to have Larry as a mentor. Below is a picture we  recently took during my visit.
I also caught up with Dr. Debbie Calhoun who was my Business Management professor in college. She was called “Professor Calhoun” then and now has not only gotten her doctorate degree but has been promoted to become the Chair and Professor of Business and Economics Department at Notre Dame of Maryland University.
I am extremely thankful for these two teachers in my life today. I wouldn’t have been saying this years ago when I was in their classes because they made you work hard to pass their tests. But it’s funny how your perspective changes as you get older and remember the lessons both in school as well as the character lessons your teachers teach that you later apply in life. I’m a Business Management graduate from this University and some of the decisions I’m taking at the moment to better my future are the ones they taught me and I’m forever grateful. It’s safe to say that all those years of hard work is paying off. There’s a lot of potential opportunities for me at the school and I am excited to be a part of it. Watch out for more updates in the near future (sorry I can’t give too much away).

Do you have one of these examples in your life today? If so, was it a high school or college professor? I would love to hear some thoughts in the comment section below. Thanks again for your support and I’ll catch you in my next one

xx Adaku

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